Paul Green – Lyng Hall School, Coventry

Paul Green has been headteacher at Lyng Hall School in Coventry since 2004. He has received national recognition for his work with vulnerable and underperforming children, and Lyng Hall was the first school in the country to be awarded an “Achievement for All” quality mark and lead school status.


Paul worked as a Research and Development Chemist before completing a degree in Natural Science at Canterbury Christ Church University.  He began teaching in 1986 while considering taking up a post with the British Antarctic Survey, studying molluscs. 25 years later he is still teaching.  

Paul Green Headshot

Following Head of Science, Advisory Teacher and Deputy Headteacher roles in two schools, Paul became Head of Lyng Hall in 2004.  Since becoming Headteacher, he has also supported other schools in Birmingham and Coventry.

Lyng Hall serves a very socio-economically deprived area of Coventry.  The school had been in Special Measures in the late 1990’s but was judged to be good with many outstanding features in two subsequent inspections in 2009 and February 2012.

Paul has received national recognition for his work with vulnerable and underperforming children.  Lyng Hall is acknowledged for its work with families, providing support on a whole range of issues, which are not obviously related to education.

Lyng Hall was the first school in the country to receive the “Achievement for All” quality mark and lead school status.  This work has been featured in “The Times”, “The Guardian”, the “TES” and on Channel 4. Paul was invited to join Michael Gove (then Secretary of State for Education) and Sarah Teather (then Minister of State for Children and Families) for the launch of the Government’s SEN Green Paper.  Paul is an Ambassador for Achievement for All.

Paul is a member of an EU commission which is exploring best practice across Europe for raising the attainment of vulnerable students and those with SEND.

Locally, Paul is a member of the Local Children Safeguarding Board, the Children Services Improvement Board and is currently Chair of the Secondary Headteachers’ Partnership.

Paul is married with four daughters aged 26, 19, 10 and 8. They keep him very busy and explain his love of the colour pink, ballet & contemporary dance, and, extensive Disney film collection! 


“…There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult…” Warren Buffett

Paul graduated from the University of Common Sense with a first class degree and schooled me with his “out of the box” strategies in his warm, humble and straight talking style.

Paul Green Promo
Your office would also look like this if you had four daughters!

Here’s just a brief overview of our conversation:

  • What teachers should do if they don’t like children
  • Why naughty children are not happy children
  • How to solve your recruitment challenge
  • Why running a school is akin to conducting a science experiment
  • What’s it really like being the boss
  • The real skill of being a leader
  • Why schools should celebrate the small things
  • What really makes a difference with school improvement
  • Why we must demonstrate relentless kindness to all children in school
  • Why Alex Ferguson would have made a good headteacher

Here is the scientist who thinks his days are numbered. I somehow think not and am sure that you will agree after listening to my conversation with Paul Green.


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  1. Lyng Hall School is where Paul works his magic and has achieved a 96% attendance rate
  2. Paul is an ambassador for Achievement for All
  3. The School of Wellbeing by Jenny Hulme is the book that Paul has contributed to in Chapter 3: The Perfect Week where his “out of the box” thinking is recognised
  4. Mentors in Violence Prevention is a programme Paul has introduced to Lyng Hall School.  It has a successful track record in Scotland and has also been introduced to schools in Birmingham
  5. Simon Scarrow is one of the authors mentioned by Paul who writes about the Roman Empire and his main characters are Cato and Macro
  6. The Sword of Shannara and associated chronicles by Terry Brooks were also referenced

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