A Head Of Our Time is an innovative series of podcasts that has been launched to deliver and explore unique insights and fresh perspectives into some of the challenges faced by school leaders today.

Listen to the podcasts here…

We invited some of the UK’s most innovative and successful school leaders to talk candidly about the pressures of leadership and to share some of their ideas and solutions that have resulted in transformational school performance. Topics in this series include staff wellbeing, school culture and work/life integration.

Behind the series of exclusive interviews and posing the questions is John Bishop, managing director of Evolve: A Social Impact Company that places Health Mentors in schools. John, a qualified teacher, school governor and educational innovator, who has built a career and multiple successful businesses as a result of professional dialogues with headteachers thought it was about time that other people heard these inspirational messages and stories.

The podcasts are between 60 and 90 minutes long and are ideal for consuming in byte size chunks during the weekly commute or whilst walking the dog. If you can’t wait that long, you can check the podcast or visit the website every Sunday evening for the next instalment.

We hope that we can persuade John to get his voice recorder out again for Series 2!

Listen to the podcasts here…